The Government area of the Research Group boasts a deep maturity in qualitative and quantitative research studies applied to the public sector. In particular, for more than a decade the Governance area has been taking care of Performance Management, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Governance Models, Local Authorities and Finance (Master MIMAP). It also deals with Health Management, studying the management of public and private hospitals and health and social – health organizations to analyze and implement public health policies.

This area has been enriched by «Europrogettazione» and Project Management in partnership with Italian Project Management Institution (ISIPM).

The Civil Society area focuses on research, high education and third mission activities, studying cross-cutting and multidisciplinary themes on private, public and non – profit sectors. It deals with Social Innovation and Third Sector Development (Master MEMIS), Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (Master MARIS), Common Goods and Cultural Management.

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